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November 21, 2019

In The Shadows features archival images from the State Government and National Archives collections, alongside contemporary street photography from Alicia Valle Serrano, Richard Harris, Michael Edwards, Sarah Ruhullah, Kelly Tang, Andrew Wilson, Mark Forbes, Andrew Tan, Cathrin Plunkett, Adrian Whear and Liz Kajko. Taking a broad approach to the theme, the exhibition explores both physical and conceptual aspects of shadows and darkness.

Archival photographs afford us the opportunity to consider the shadows of the past, such as health problems for smokers which were intentionally unacknowledged by advertisers for decades, or in a more literal sense, spies, whose lives depended on the shadows to work effectively for their governments. Then there are the metaphorical shadows which are cast onto under-represented communities. On the contemporary side, street photographers explore issues ranging from living under the shadow of 'big brother' through to how we turn a blind eye to the social issues surrounding us.

Banner image above is a detail from Cups by Adrian Whear.




Victorian Archives Centre
99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne

Open Monday to Friday 10am-4.30pm
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Image Gallery

Chinatown by Alicia Valle Serrano
Chinatown by Alicia Valle Serrano