Last updated:

July 4, 2019

About the project

This Project is to undertake a holistic review of the Recordkeeping Standards and Specifications to ensure they are easy to understand and apply, focus on critical aspects of recordkeeping, cover all formats, form a cohesive and comprehensive set and impose the policy settings which will result in improved recordkeeping across the Victorian public sector.

The objective of this project is to ensure that PROV has a cohesive, comprehensive and effective set of Standards and Specifications which Victorian public sector agencies are able to use and apply to progressively improve their recordkeeping practices and meet the required levels.


PROV’s approach

PROV’s approach to this major review is intended to apply a set of design goals consistently across all components, and ensuring genuine stakeholder consultation. This is done through the main stages:

  1. high-level review and redesign of the framework
  2. progressive development of individual components
  3. consultation with agency stakeholders on each component as it is drafted