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July 2, 2018

About our standards

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) sets standards for the efficient management of public records under Section 12 of the Public Records Act 1973. The standards apply to all records created by the Victorian Government and detail requirements for the creation, maintenance and use of these records.

For every recordkeeping function, PROV has set mandatory recordkeeping principles - these are contained in the Standards. All agencies must comply with each principle by implementing certain requirements. These requirements are detailed in the Specification/s.

A series of guidelines, factsheets and forms have been developed to help agencies to implement the requirements.


Standards framework

Select a recordkeeping function to access the corresponding standard and specification/s, and their relevant guidelines, fact sheets and forms.

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About our policies

PROV's  recordkeeping policies provide direction for Victorian government agencies on best practice records management upon new technologies, emergent issues or legislation. Policies can also outline a set of principles which underpin one or more aspects of recordkeeping that PROV has adopted. 



PROV recordkeeping policies