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July 29, 2019

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Good governance requires that all the actions and decisions of government be accurately recorded as public records. To have value as evidence of government activity, public records must not only be created and captured in a recordkeeping system, but must be authentic, reliable, usable, and retain their integrity. Keeping full and accurate public records can assist your agency to meet public expectations regarding transparency and accountability.


Capture Standard

Issued by Public Record Office Victoria (PROV), this standard provides a set of mandatory principles for Victorian government agencies regarding capture of public records.  Your agency is expected to comply fully with each principle contained in the standard by implementing the particular requirements as detailed in the relevant specification/s.


Capture Standard PROS 11/07Digitisation Requirements Specification PROS 11/07 S1Digitisation Image Requirements Specification PROS 11/07 S2 Capture Specification PROS 11/07 S3 Digitisation Guideline PROS 11/07 G1 Converted Source Records GDA PROS 10/01 G1 Capturing Records of Social Media Posts Fact Sheet Social Media FS1 Fact Sheet 1: Capturing Records of Social Media PostsDigitisation: Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet PROS 11/07 FS1