What is VERS?

The Victorian Electronic Records Strategy is about ensuring the creation, capture and preservation of authentic, complete and meaningful digital records by the Victorian public sector.

This will be achieved by enabling digital by design, automating and embedding digital recordkeeping, and preserving reliable digital records for trusted access and discovery forever. 

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Digital First

Information held in paper is generally much less discoverable and accessible than digital information.

PROV encourages Victorian Government to embrace born digital, stay digital recordkeeping approaches and avoid costly retrospective digitisation practices.

Use this Digital First Pathway to determine when records should be managed digitally.

Digital First Pathway
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See our Digitisation page for further information as well as National Archives of Australia’s Reducing paper stockpiles guidance.


Digital Forever

Records of continuing value must remain accessible for as long as they are required. PROV has developed a long-term format called a VERS Encapsulated Object (VEO) for the preservation of digital records. 

Permanent value digital records* (as well as some long-term temporary records) should be converted into VEOs. System decommission or procurement provide opportunities for agencies to review records preservation requirements and potentially transfer records to PROV.

Use this Digital Records Preservation Pathway to determine when digital records should be converted into VEOs.

Digital Records Preservation Pathway
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See our VEO creation and Digital records transfer step-by-step pages for further information.

*See our Appraisal page for further information about permanent and temporary value records.


Digital Recordkeeping by Design

It is important to consider recordkeeping requirements when implementing systems that manage and exchange information. Before implementation, agencies need to consider:

  • the volume, types and required retention periods of records to be managed
  • how recordkeeping can be actioned and/or embedded within the new system design.

Use this Digital Recordkeeping by Design Pathway to determine recordkeeping requirements for business systems.

Digital Recordkeeping by Design Pathway
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See State Archives and Records NSW’s Checklist for assessing business systems and PROV’s Recordkeeping Standards for further information.

See our Document Library to find Retention and Disposal Authorities (RDAs) applicable to your agency.


VERS timeline

VERS Timeline Graphic
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VERS Standard

VERS Standard

Standard for the long term management and preservation of digital records

VEO creation

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What are VERS encapsulated objects (VEOs) and how to create them?

Digital records transfer step-by-step

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How to transfer digital records to PROV

VERS compliant products

Close up computer 3d

Current products that meet technical specifications of the VERS Standard

Information for VERS vendors

abstract computer board

Making your software or digital storage media product VERS compliant

Digital Archive Program

server room

Increasing the value and use of Victoria’s digital and digitised records: a VERS initiative