Author: Government recordkeeping

The PROV Appraisal and Documentation Team invites stakeholders to review a new draft Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) for Converted or Digitised Records.  

The aim of the RDA, once issued as a Standard, is to authorise the disposal of original or source records after they have been converted or digitised to another format. This new RDA will replace PROS 10/01 Retention and Disposal Authority for Converted Source Records.

The draft RDA is available below, along with a brief report outlining the background, scope and appraisal recommendations:

We would appreciate feedback on the following:

  • Is the language used in the RDA clear enough?
  • Is it easy to understand and apply in practice?
  • Is 1 January 2000 a reasonable date to cite?
  • Are the conditions reasonable?

Please provide any feedback to by COB 21 June 2019.