Last updated:

November 3, 2017

What do I need to know?

You can begin your search with as broad or specific aim as you like.


How do I search?

Follow the prompts that the Australian Women’s Archive Project online resource gives you to search our collection for records relating to women.

You may wish to explore further possible record series close record series Definition A record series is a group of records which are recorded or maintained by the same agency (or agencies) and which: ·    are in the same numerical, alphabetical, chronological or other identifiable sequence; or ·    result from the same accumulation or filing process. A series is composed of items and can consist of a single item or several thousand items. It may be recorded by a single agency or by a succession of agencies. A Victorian Public Record Series is identified by the prefix VPRS followed by a space then a sequential number.   to identify if they also have records relating to women or issues of interest to you.


About these records

We do not collect private papers or records of non-Government agencies. However, information on individual women and women’s groups and organisations can be found within many of the record series we hold.

The Australian Women’s Archive Project has put together a resource to help find records in our collection that relate to women and women’s issues. This is only an introduction to finding some of the many records we have that relate to Victorian women. You can visit this online tool by following this link, First Ladies.

Next Steps

Once you have browsed the First Ladies website, continue your search for women in the archives close archives Definition Records considered to have continuing or permanent value that have been, or will be, transferred to the custody of an archival organisation; also used to refer to the buildings in which archival records are stored and to organisation that have responsibility for archival records. by searching our collection. Some potential agencies that may have records of interest to you are listed below. 

What are in these records?

Within the First Ladies: Finding Women in Public Record Office Victoria website, you will see aids to finding resources relating to topics including:

  • Women and children
  • Aboriginal women and children
  • Equal pay
  • Suffrage and citizenship rights
  • Sexuality and reproductive rights
  • Migrant women

There are also links to published material and the Australian Women’s Archive Project online register.