Last updated:

May 17, 2017

What do I need to know?

To begin your search, you’ll need to know either the:
•    name of the leaseholder
•    name of the pastoral run
•    parish/es in which the run which was located
•    location of the run 


How do I search?

If you know the name of the run or parish, proceed to the search box below.           

If you know the location of the run use the maps of southeast, northeast, northwest and southwest Victoria to find the most likely parish/es, which you can then use in the search box below.

If all you know is the name of the leaseholder, there are two options for finding the name of the run or parish:

  • order the two volumes in VPRS 5825 Pastoral Run Registers – these link the names of leaseholders to their pastoral runs
  • consult the publication Pastoral Pioneers of Port Phillip (by RV Billis and AS Kenyon), available in PROV Reading Rooms

These resources should provide you with the name of the run or parish, to use in the search below.

About these records

These plans and files relate to pastoral runs – areas of land occupied by early European settlers for grazing, before regulation by state and colonial governments. The runs were eventually subject to a yearly lease payment, and the option to also lease up to 640 acres of adjacent land (for a detailed history, see Historical Records of Victoria, Volume 6.)

Who created these records?

Crown Lands Department VA 2878

Next Steps

The Pastoral Run plans have been digitised and can be viewed online.

Pastoral Run files can be ordered and viewed in PROV's North Melbourne Reading Room.


What are in these records?

In Record series number (VPRS) 5359 Pastoral Run Files, the file for each run may include:

  • a lease, license or correspondence relating to the run
  • a description of the run
  • requests for a transfer of a lease or license
  • returns of livestock
  • complaints made by leaseholders


In Record series number (VPRS) 8168 Pastoral Run Plans, a plan of the run may include:

  • its boundaries and dimensions
  • topographic or geographic features
  • the name of the leaseholder
  • the date the plan was drawn