Last updated:

February 10, 2020

What do I need to know?

  • to search these records, it is helpful to use keywords based on locations, events or activities. There are some, but not many, named photographs of individual people.
  • as there is not a lot of detail in some of the image descriptions, it is often helpful to use broad keywords and browse the thumbnails of the results. 

How do I search?

Search on anything related to transport or people and see what comes up. This is a wonderful collection of late nineteenth and twentieth century photographs of Melbourne.

About these records

The Public Transport Corporation (PTC) was formed by the merger of the Victorian Railways and the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. It had responsibility for rail, tram and bus transport across Victoria. Their photo collections were also merged into the PTC photo library, which was transferred to PROV.

Who created these records?

The Public Transport Corporation (PTC)

Next Steps

If you want a high-resolution copy of any of these images you can ask us to digitise the original negative using this form

most of the collection is in the form of negatives, kept in cold storage. If you have ordered an item from cold storage, that item will need to spend 24 hours acclimatising to room-temperature conditions before we can make it available to you to view.

you can also ask us to make a high-resolution digital copy of these negatives for reproduction.

What are in these records?

  • trains and trams 
  • conductors and staff
  • street landscapes
  • Melbourne streets
  • Melbourne buildings
  • railway lines
  • stations
  • bridges
  • rail crossings and other landscapes,
  • staff and public.
  • technical workplaces
  • construction of tracks
  • engineering details of equipment
  • gardening
  • childcare
  • dining
  • advertising posters
  • commuters 
  • official visits and more.