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October 29, 2018

What do I need to know?

  • Names of individuals involved (e.g. Edward or Ned Kelly) 
  • Crime committed 
  • Year the activity took place 
  • Keywords likely to be used in file close file Definition An accumulation of documents relating to the same subject, person, activity or transaction that are kept together.  Documents in a file are usually, but not always, fastened together.  Files are usually arranged in an identifiable sequence (e.g. numerical or alphabetical). description

Note: Although these files are closed for viewing, click on the 'item' and download a digital copy. 

How do I search?

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About these records

This series consists largely of the documentation created or collected to prepare criminal trial briefs for the prosecution of Ned Kelly including the capital case file.  It also includes a trial brief for the prosecution of Ellen Kelly, William Williamson and Thomas Skillion.

Who created these records?

Attorney-General's Department (previously known as the Law Department) VA 2825

Next Steps

These records are closed due to their fragility. Click on the item close item Definition An item is a single recordkeeping object. A physical Item could be a group of pages fastened together to form a file, a single volume, card, map, photograph, film, sound recording, computer tape or any other document. Within a series there may be only one physical record Item or there may be several thousand or more. You can order physical Items for viewing in one of our reading rooms. in the catalogue and download a digital copy. 

What are in these records?

This series consists of Crown Law Department records concerning the trial for murder and execution of Edward Kelly.

Records include: police reports, witness statements, depositions, photo, petitions for his reprieve, and the capital sase file.

Records also include those linked to the trial of Ellen Kelly.