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May 8, 2019

What do I need to know?

The school name (or former name) and/or number. 

How do I search?

Search for a school by number or name in the box below.

About these records

This series documents the process and relevant correspondence to land selection and purchase for the establishment of State schools between 1920 and 1995. It contains records such as initial site assessment for its suitability for a school, and negotiated sale or compulsory acquisition documents.

Who created these records?

Education Department 1873-1954 (VA 714)

Ministry of Education and Training (previously known as Ministry of Education) 1985-1992 (VA 1112)

Department of Education 1992-1995 (VA 3098)

Next Steps

Once you have found records of interest to you, order them online and then view in our Reading Room.

What are in these records?

The contents of the files in this record series may include:

  • preliminary assessment report on the suitability of the site for a school
  • valuation reports on the land to be purchased
  • Parliamentary Notices of Motion for the purchase of the land
  • formal acquisition or negotiated purchase of sites
  • issue of title
  • plans
  • press clippings regarding the school
  • requisition of works
  • notices of sale or disposal of sites
  • other correspondence relevant to the site