Last updated:

September 6, 2016

What do I need to know?

The school name (or former name) and/or number. 

You can search our Index to government and non government schools to find a school's number

How do I search?

This record series is a volume and will need to be ordered online and viewed in our North Melbourne Reading Room.

Order the volume online here.

The index at the front of the volume lists the schools in alphabetical order.  This will direct you to further information about sites purchased between 1873 and 1909 for schools to be built upon.


About these records

This is an index to land purchases made by the Education Department between 1873 and 1909 for use as school sites. Each entry contains information about the site, including purchase price and acreage, and identifies the school which was built on that site.

Who created these records?

Education Department 1873-1954 (VA 714)

Next Steps

Use the details found in the volume to continue your search. Once you have found records of interest to you, order them online and then view in our Reading Room.

What are in these records?

The entries in this record contain details such as:

  • school name and number
  • deed number
  • date of deed
  • size of land
  • allotment number
  • purchase price
  • vendors name
  • the parish the site is in.