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March 14, 2019

What do I need to know?

Records of a teacher's service are scattered throughout our collection, however teacher record books contain the most consolidated summary of a teacher's service in public schools.  

You will need to know: 

  • the name (middle and maiden name) of the teacher
  • the teacher record number and/or names of schools taught
  • approximate year they began their service.

How do I search?

This is a two step search:

  1. You will need to locate a teacher record number first (it appears in the results)
  2. Return to this page and view the Teacher Record Books online at (see Next Steps).

Note: If you prefer to view the original Teacher Record Books via our catalogue, search by the year below and browse the results using the teacher record number as a reference.  

About these records

These records were created to provide a summary of the working history of each teacher in government service in Victoria. In 1862, the Board of Education was founded after the Denominational School Board and National School Board were abolished. This series was created by the Board of Education in 1863 the Department stopped creating teacher record books in 1959.


Who created these records?

Education Department   VA 714

Next Steps

Under development
  • At the top of the records is a year list
  • Select a year and scan through the pages
  • The teacher record number is on the top left or right of the page
  • Note: From 1934 onward all years are included

To view these records for free within Public Record Office Victoria Reading Rooms:

1. click on this link Reading Room Access Only

2. then paste this address into the browser bar

3. In the choose dropdown list on the right hand side of the screen select < Eildon Teacher Record Books>. Despite the title Eildon, these are actually all the PROV Teacher Record Books accessible online through Ancestry.

To access records of your own employment from approximately 1960 onwards, contact the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

What are in these records?

The records generally include the following information about each teacher:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • schools taught at (identified by school number)
  • classification (this is that of the teacher, based on assessment, promotions etc.)
  • authority (the date the teacher commenced at a particular school, and a reference to correspondence supporting the commencement)
  • remarks (of inspectors of teachers). 

Also sometimes included are:

  • place of birth
  • qualifications and
  • assessments