Last updated:

February 5, 2021

What do I need to know?

The name or suburb of the school you are researching.

How do I search?

Enter the name or suburb of the school into the search box. 

About these records

Between 1930 and 1988 various departments responsible for health created and accumulated plans and other records demonstrating the safety of buildings defined as “public buildings” – buildings are those that are used for the purpose of education, (excluding state primary and secondary schools), entertainment, amusement and recreation. 

In an entirely separate process, files have been maintained by the Registered Schools Board to provide a history of all Non-Government schools in Victoria since registration. The files are mostly for closed schools.

Who created these records?

Next Steps

Order and view the records in PROV’s North Melbourne Reading Room. 

What are in these records?

The records available for each structure vary. They may include any of the following:

•    applications for approvals
•    inspection reports
•    registration notifications
•    plans
•    working drawings
•    computation
•    specifications
•    renewal notices

TIPS! How many search results should I get?

Depending on the building, you might get one, two or more results.

Most commonly, you'll find one Public Building File (on rare occasions more than one), which contains correspondence and plans sized A4 or less.

You may also find one Public Building Plan (on rare occasions more than one), a plan sized greater than A4. You may also find one School File.

The larger the building, the more records there are likely to be - for example, there are over 30 plans and files on Flemington Race Course.