Last updated:

June 17, 2020

David Brown

  • How long have you been working at PROV? Since 2002


  • How did you get into your current role? Back in a distant past I thought I was going to work in an accounting role at the Explosives Factory Maribyrnong.  This can only be described as poor choice.  With an additional qualification and some experience I escaped to  Australian Archives (now National Archives).  From there I worked at the State Bank of Victoria Archives, in local government records management and at a records management consulting company Enterprise Knowledge.  I was lucky to be able to take up a role at PROV and its been the best choice I've made.


  • What is your role at PROV? Currently I'm the Assistant Director Government Services.  In this role I manage a team of people who work to improve government recordkeeping, identify and transfer permanent value records and provide advice and support across the whole of Victorian Government.  Its interesting and fun (mostly).


  • Why did you want to work at PROV?  I do think that records and recordkeeping are important things for Victorian society.  PROV has a key role in supporting people access their records and supporting government do its work.  Its very satisfying to be able to do a little bit to support those things.


  • What has been your favourite project to work on? Currently, the Lotus Notes Proof of Concept project is very exciting.  If successful we will be able to deliver a solution to some big government problems and make a mass of key records available to the archives.


  • What is the most important skill in your role and which do you use every day? One of the best things of working at PROV is the people I work with, interesting, committed and professional.  Everyday I have to develop and improve my people engagement skills. 


  • What advice would you give to someone entering the field and what type of background would be most helpful? Background can be (and is diverse) - legal, archival, history, science, commercial, academic, information technology.  There is a common thread around information and records management.  Having some exposure to IRM does no one any harm, but within that having experience of understanding, developing, implementing IRM systems is an advantage.