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About the revised version of PROS 07/01

PROV has released a revised version of PROS 07/01 General Disposal Authority for Records of Common Administrative Functions.  Agencies should now refer to the PROS 07/01 Variation 4.

The revised Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) will better assist agencies with the removal of caveats and addition of new classes.


Summary of changes

Removal of caveats

Caveats on usage including cross references to agency or sector specific RDAs have been removed. See example content removed under Function 6.0.0 Fleet Management below:

Screen shot of example caveat removed

Addition of new classes for formal inquiry records

In response to feedback from agencies, new classes to authorise disposal of duplicate sets of submissions to a formal inquiry (such as a Royal Commission) have been added to Function 7.5.0 Government Relations – Inquiries.

See our Royal Commission records page for further information on recordkeeping requirements concerning an agency’s contribution to a formal inquiry (e.g. a Royal Commission).

See also our new RDA, PROS 17/01 Retention and Disposal Authority for Records of Royal Commissions, Boards of Inquiry and Formal Reviews for records created and held by Royal Commissions, boards of inquiry and formal reviews established and conducted under the Inquiries Act 2014.