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Spend some spare time putting together these puzzles of the archives. You’ll find two levels of difficulty initially and once you open the puzzle from the links provided you can also choose much harder versions - if you think you’re up for it!


Faster than a speeding bullet

In times of isolation it’s comforting to rely on the staying power of some tested icons. In this puzzle we celebrate the age of the modern locomotive. The all-metal, air-conditioned, high-speed, express Spirit of Progress train ran from Melbourne to Albury, and later to Sydney. It was declared one of the fastest passenger trains in the world, and Australia’s first modern passenger train, back in 1937 when it was first introduced.

S Class Steam Locomotive No.302 Edward Henty Steam Spirit Of Progress. VPRS 12800-p1-H4387


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And learn about the man behind the train, Sir Harold Winthrop Clapp, on our blog here.


Attention to detail

The devil is definitely in the detail, no more so than in this sterling example of Victorians at work. These sign writers worked for the Victorian Railways, hand painting everything from the railways warning signs to timetable changes.

Another puzzle or perhaps another skill to take up?

Sign-writers at work.VPRS 12903/P1, Box 015A/01

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And view our gallery of other Victorians at work here.  

Monumental Melbourne and the golden days of tourism

This offering highlights the iconic and aesthetically pleasing aspects of your State archives. Enjoy completing the magnificent architecture that is Flinders St Station and take a holiday in your own imagination to picturesque Geelong.

Flinders Street Station VPRS 12800 P1 item H 1926.

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Flinders Street Station was built in 1910, and ever since it has been a cherished city landmark.

Learn more about the building, and the streets of our great City of Melbourne through our online exhibition Streets of Melbourne here.

Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Poster number 217.VPRS 12903-p00001-BOX609-12

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Percy Trompf did the artwork for this, and many other tourism posters commissioned by the Victorian Railways back in the 1930s.

Search our collection for similar posters and other Railways photographs here.


The famous and the infamous

History provides us with a smorgasbord of colourful characters, from criminals and bushrangers to sporting heroes and everything in between. Here we have Ned Kelly and some long jump superstars from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

Image of Ned Kelly, Kelly Historical Collection - Part 2 Crown Law Department

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Did you know, we hold more Ned Kelly records than any other archival institution in the world?

Learn more about our Ned Kelly historical collection here, or learn about the life and death of Ned through our online exhibition here.

black ans white image of 1956 women long jump olympians embracing.
2nd placegetter W. B. White (USA) & winner E. Krzesinska (Poland) share a hug VPRS 10742/P0, item A696

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These long jump stars are the 2nd placegetter Willye White from the USA and winner Elzbieta Krzesinska from Poland. Here they share a hug after the competition.

Discover more stars of sports in our photographs from the 1956 Olympics here.

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