Author: Government recordkeeping

Project background

During 2017-18, Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) undertook the Digital Appraisal and Disposal Research Project to investigate digital appraisal and disposal techniques and initiatives that could be implemented to help manage growing volumes of digital records.

A key objective of the project was to gain knowledge in current and emerging digital appraisal and disposal practice so that we could improve our digital recordkeeping advice and products for our clients in Victorian Government.


Findings and recommendations

The research found that while there have been various papers published on the topic, many do not cover practical advice. They also lack case studies showing the successful application of appraisal and disposal to manage digital records. 

Also, other archives in Australia and overseas have already developed excellent advice and tools related to digital appraisal and disposal practice - with some even beginning to explore machine assisted and machine learning technologies to appraise and dispose of records.

The project also highlighted gaps in PROV knowledge and coverage of advice to agencies. 

Future actions that could be undertaken by PROV to improve digital appraisal and disposal practice include:

  • developing new web topic pages and tools for Victorian Government agencies
  • testing applications for appraising unstructured information (We have actually already begun this. See our Machine Assisted Email Appraisal Project web page)
  • sharing resources and knowledge with other government archives.


Further information

Please see our Digital Appraisal and Disposal Research Project web page for further information about the project.