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Ian McCauley and Melissa Jeal of Agriculture Victoria Services receiving the Award for the Small Agencies category from Justine Heazlewood, Director and Keeper of Public Records
Ian McCauley and Melissa Jeal of Agriculture Victoria Services receiving the Award for the Small Agencies category from Justine Heazlewood, Director and Keeper of Public Records

The purpose of this category is to encourage and support records management excellence in agencies that have up to 500 employees.

We would like to congratulate Agriculture Victoria Services on winning the award for their project ‘AVS Technology Transfer Management System Implementation’.

This project was conceived in 2010 by AVS, in response to concerns expressed by its Board that risks associated with the growing complexity of its technology transfer business were not adequately managed by the existing record management systems. The most important of these risks was ensuring that a technology was not “double licensed”, where identical exploitation rights were licensed to more than a single licensee.

The existing system consisted of two entirely separate databases - one for licence agreements, and one for technologies. Thus, “double licensing” risks had to be managed outside of the records management system.

A new TTMS “Inteum” was selected and procured in 2010. Installation, training and integration into AVS business activities was conducted largely during 2011-12 and met or exceeded all expectations with regards to deficiencies in the old system particularly in reducing the risk of double licensing. It has also produced significant gains in productivity and capability across the range of technology transfer management and commercialisation activities within AVS. Perhaps most significantly, it has provided a new focus and framework around which to build and improve our business processes, including, but far wider than just records management.

The AVS Inteum TTMS has significantly strengthened the compliance with fundamental principles of good records management, supported with effective capture, control, storage, access and disposal capabilities underpinned by a system for operational management that has become a vehicle for business improvement.

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Andrew Nickson of Regional Rail Link Authority receiving the Certificate of Commendation for the Small Agencies category from Justine Heazlewood, Director and Keeper of Public Records.

We would like to congratulate Regional Rail Link Authority on being awarded a certificate of commendation in the small agency category for their Implementation of a Project Wide Web-based Collaboration Tool for the Regional Rail Link Project.

As the single largest rail investment in Victoria’s history, the Regional Rail Link project will deliver a new rail line from the west of Werribee to Deer Park via the existing rail corridor through to Southern Cross Station. The project aims to accommodate the increased growth in rail usage in the west of Melbourne and enable direct access for regional rail services into Melbourne. Due to the large scale of works, delivery of the Regional Rail Link project has been split across six distinctive work packages, involving numerous organisations and contractors with an Authority put in place to oversee the process. 

It was recognised early on that for this project to be a success, there would be significant interface and coordination requirements between the packages and the Authority, as well as the many other various statutory authorities including local councils, and the Accredited Rail Operators. This would require a constant exchange of information that would need to be timely and accurate. The best way to streamline that exchange would be to implement one collaboration tool to be utilised by all project partners to ensure all program related information is appropriately managed and accessible. The correct tool would mean the right information could always be provided to those who need it, when they need it.

Effective project collaboration starts with managing information well. After a lengthy and detailed tender process, the Authority implemented Aconex as the platform for a web-based collaboration system to be utilised across the project to capture all project related information in a secure and traceable manner. This would simplify the formal exchange of information exchange between all parties, and mitigate risks associated with inadequate information management processes.

The project was delivered within the allocated budget, and continues to be managed and operated within the operational budget originally determined. A significant challenge for the Regional Rail Link Authority’s Records & Information Management team was to migrate the backlog of initial design and tender documentation into the system to ensure that the system would be ready to be fully utilised when each contract was signed off. This effort was rewarded when each rollout was met with successful take up by the Work Package teams.