Author: Government recordkeeping


In recent years, PROV has introduced some disposal remodelling processes to better assist agencies in meeting their recordkeeping requirements. Measures have included:

  • the simplification of the Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) development process
  • ensuring RDAs have wider application and inbuilt longevity.

PROV has also recently undertaken a macro appraisal approach to identify significant functions of government and address questions of risk.

While undertaking this work, a number of existing RDAs were extended to allow PROV staff to focus on the broader remodelling program.


About the Project

PROV will develop a strategy to manage function specific RDAs due to expire in late 2016 and early 2017.

Agencies with expiring RDAs will be contacted directly by PROV with information about how their expiring RDA(s) will need to be managed.


What agencies need to do

Agencies should wait for correspondence from PROV about their expiring RDA(s).

Agencies will be notified:

  • if a thorough review of records retention and disposal requirements is required for their expiring RDA(s)
  • if the agency will need to allocate resources to work with PROV on developing a longer term RDA solution.

PROV staff look forward to working with these agencies to establish the most efficient and effective approach.