Author: Government recordkeeping

In December 2015, the Victorian Auditor-General’s report Access to Public Sector Information endorsed PROV’s Information Management Maturity Measurement tool (IM3). It recommended that agencies assess and address their Information Management (IM) maturity using the IM3.

On the back of this endorsement, the Information Management Maturity Assessment Program (IMMAP) was launched by PROV in January 2016. The Program requested that Victorian Government departments and four key agencies self-assess their IM maturity using the IM3 tool and send their results to PROV.

The IMMAP was designed to provide:

  • A mechanism for identifying and initiating IM enhancement opportunities both within and across departments and agencies.
  • An evidence basis to inform the strategic direction and priorities for IM decision makers across Victorian Government.

PROV collated and analysed the results in July 2016, identifying a number of strengths and weaknesses in IM maturity across these departments and agencies.


Most departments and agencies reported that they have established good governance and have developed a solid IM vision and strategy.


The weakest area across all departments and agencies is internal IM audit and compliance – indicating most departments and agencies are currently failing to monitor their compliance against IM standards, legislation and requirements. Other underperforming areas include:

  • information literacy and responsibility
  • accessibility and discoverability
  • information use and reuse.


PROV has prepared a number of recommendations to address the lowest maturity level ratings and identify enhancement opportunities. Key recommendations include:

  • Enterprise Solutions at DPC and PROV explore development of a formal online training IM program for all Victorian Public Sector staff.
  • IMMAP participants work towards implementing internal Audit and Compliance programs to increase their maturity rating levels by 2018.
  • PROV will work with DPC and consult with the IMG to improve and enhance the IM3 tool and its supporting documentation to expand its coverage and address organisation complexity and emerging IM issues, technologies and standards.

To continue to understand, measure and improve IM maturity in Victorian Government, PROV will collate, analyse and report on IM results again during 2018 and biennially thereafter.

More information about the IMMAP participants, findings and recommendations can be found in the Information Management Maturity Current State Assessment Report 2015-2016 available on our IMMAP web page.