Last updated:

November 28, 2018

This page is dedicated to those long-standing volunteers that have worked with us for over ten years, volunteering across numerous projects to preserve and digitise records of state significance, for the benefit of all Victorians now and into the future.


We thank these volunteers for their continued dedication, passion, and service:

  • Graham Bence
  • Elizabeth Buckle
  • Graeme Cardillo
  • Geoff Currey 
  • Graeme Dawson
  • Sue Dawson
  • Brian Dixon
  • Ian Hazewinkel
  • Irene Kearsey
  • Gordon Lee
  • John MacKinnon
  • Tim Marriott
  • Millicent Marsh
  • Leonie Marshall
  • Neil Morris 
  • Pat Porigneaux
  • Liz Raven
  • Marie Rogers
  • Gail Thornthwaite


If you’ve previously volunteered with Public Record Office Victoria and would like to be included on the honour board, please contact us.